The In Touch With Your Soul One-Day Workshops offer both information and real-world experience with doorways to our soul.  Each workshop has been developed to provide a deeper dive into specific topics such as Astrology, Dream Work, Shadow Work and the Heart Center, Sound Healing, I Ching, and Tarot in service to discovery of Self and connection to our spiritual inheritance.

Though foundational information for each topic is provided, the intention of the one-day workshops is to focus on engagement with each topic as a tool for a deeper connection with one's soul, the unveiling of meaning and life purpose and the journey of at-onement for a joyful Life.  We relate the information provided with real-life experiences in order to heighten and harmonize our journey of the soul.

There is no prerequisite for the Astrology, Dream Work and Soul Healing Workshops though each participant must be willing to venture beyond the veil of surface consciousness.  The prerequisite for those wishing to attend the Shadow Work Workshop is the capacity to Heart Center and a willingness to move through judgment of self and others.  

​Each workshop is held in a comfortable residential location in the Fort Collins/Loveland area.  

​Workshops purchased individually are $147.00 each.  When all four workshops are purchased as a package the total price is $467.00 (regularly $588.00) a savings of over 20%.

The 4-workshop package is eligible for the 3-pay installment plan.  Make 3 payments of $171.00 for a total of $513.00.


​ASTROLOGY AND YOUR SOUL - Saturday, January 26, 2019, 9:00am to 5:00pm

This one-day workshop introduces us to how astrology, as a projection of our soul’s sacred geometry, reflects our soul patterning and life experiences.  

Considering our lives as theater, we will learn about planets as actors, as archetypes that move through our lives in various costumes (astrological signs) and how they influence our lives depending on which stage (house) they are present.

We will present the significance of the placement of the North Node of the Moon as representation for the work our soul requests we engage in this lifetime as well as how where we live on earth informs our life experiences aka astrocartography/locational astrology).

And of fundamental significance, we will look at the relationships of all of our planets with special attention on Mars (Masculine) and Venus (Feminine) and their association with Jung’s concept of the Animus (Masculine) and Anima (Feminine) and the Male Basic Self and Female Basic Self approach developed by Harvey Grady.

Relatedness and relationship are fundamental to the reason we are embodied on earth.  Calling upon our personal challenges with all forms of relationship and their associated planetary influences we will share and explore practical understanding and approaches that will assist us in a more conscious engagement with the experience of relationship in our lives.

DREAM WORK AND YOUR SOUL - Saturday, February 16, 2019, 9:00am to 5:00pm

This one-day workshop introduces us to translating our own dreams as the theater in which our psyche provides guidance from our soul.

Dreams are a privileged unveiling of our unconscious and their symbolic language can be learned and understood as we further open to and embrace our intuitive nature.  We are blessed that dreams are outside of control of our ego/will and therefore provide uncensored insight to who and what we are at a deeper level.

We will learn about symbols, compensation, amplification and transference as well as subjective and objective levels and personal association.  Effective dream work is not so much about concrete dream symbol interpretation as it is about the relationship with the underlying pattern the soul is engaged with at the time of the dream.

We will dive into learning about both personal and collective dreams by calling upon the dreams of workshop participants and offering practical waking state guidance.

SOUND HEALING AND YOUR SOUL - Saturday, April 6th, 2019, 9:00am to 5:00pm

This one-day workshop introduces us to how vibrational frequency influences matter and provides the opportunity for healing by the effect of energy on states of consciousness and substance.

Fundamentally, each of us is a precipitate (solid appearing form) of energy and we need only to look at the field of cymatics to see how energy frequency affects matter.  

We will dive into a wide range of topics about sound healing including how and why music moves us, along with various demonstrations.  We will look at the natural frequencies of the human body and how they can be affected by health challenges. 

This is a fun, informative, experiential workshop which is guaranteed to leave you moved emotionally and physically by the end of the day!

SHADOW WORK AND YOUR SOUL - Saturday, May 4th, 2019, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Our shadow represents the repressed layer of the personal unconscious.  All that we deny, fear, or dislike/hate in ourselves (and others!) collects in the shadow and manifests in relationship issues, dreams, accidents, crises and health challenges.

There is no wholeness of being without doing shadow work.  Yet it is one of the most difficult journeys to undertake because our ego is relentless in its desire to maintain its position of power in our lives (at the substantial cost of alienation from our soul).

Shadow work requires courage as we come face-to-face with the less ego enhancing attributes of ourselves and provides a path for transformation.

The only way I know to integrate the shadow over time is through an intentional, active and living relationship with the Heart Center and its attributes of Compassion, Healing Presence, Innate Harmony and Unconditional Love.

All of our most difficult struggles and traumas can be redeemed through a Heart-Centered conscious approach to our lives.  We can transcend all of our woundings and live a life free from the jail of our own making.


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